Zigong Dongfang general Compressor Co., Ltd.

About us

Zigong orient general Compressor Co., Ltd. is a brand new professional company with modern business philosophy. 

It is formed by the technical elite of the former Zigong air compressor General Factory by the eastern General Energy Co., Ltd. (the original Oriental boiler (Group) Limited by Share Ltd kinetic energy branch), and specializes in all kinds of gas compressor sets. 

The production and sale of related equipment for CNG filling station. Zigong Dongfang general brand compressor technology has been supported and helped by universities such as Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Sichuan Polytechnic University, Sichuan Lu Tianhua Institute and other institutions of higher learning. The company also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the Department and professors specializing in the research of the compressor of the Xi'an Jiao Tong University. With high quality research, design, and manufacturing compressor staff, the company has a complete CNG compressor and general compressor product design, development and mass production capacity, and is committed to providing customers with professional and reliable products and services. 

In addition to the customer needs, to build the most suitable quality compressor products, the company also has a professional CNG gas station construction and installation team, with a complete, advanced and rich construction project and experience, can undertake all kinds of CNG gas station key project construction items.